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Kgi Floor Hinge K-8300(Korea)


Made In Korea


Kgi Floor Hinge K-8300(Korea)

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tautologically  A. Produce according to EN1154 standard & ISO9001 standard

 B. Double speed adjustment, ball bearing inside, closing smoothly

 C. Korea type floor spring, popular in Pakistan

 D. 500,000cycles test without damage

 E. Applicable for glass door, wooden door, aluminum door and frame door

  • Applicable Standard   EN1154 & ISO9001
    Max Door With 1200mm
    Max Door Weight 130kg
    Max Open Degree 125°
    Hold-Open 90°
    Latching Speed Adjustment 0-20°
    Closing Speed Adjustment 20°-90°
    Application Temperature -40°-60°
    Dimension:Length*Width*Height 291mm*134mm*51m

Additional information

Weight 8 kg