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Smart Door Lock

Verona Smart Door Locks with advanced biometric technology that gives you security and comfort for the office and home. Don’t put keys on the underside of the mat.

Create virtual keys for your family members and guests. Maintain a track of loved ones via immediate mobile push notifications as well as an activity log that is available 24/7. A clever method of security with a Smart Door Lock is, no doubt, the most important aspect.

It allows you to access your office, home auto-lock, and auto-unlock without searching for keys, but it also tracks your access when you’re away. It can be set up to send a notification to your phone when children are at home.


1- Fingerprint
2- Remote Mobile App (Apple/ Android)
3- Touchpad
4- NFC
5- Simple Key

No more searching for keys. Use your existing hardware. Omni Smart Locks with WiFi comes with all the available technologies for monitoring control.

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