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Verona Lift Up System G123



The lift system is suitable for cabinets with low height.
– With soft closing under angle 25°, max opening angle is 110°
– No need hinges for cabinet
– Easy to open, free stop function
Force of opening or closing is adjustable
– Easy assembly and adjustment
– Different color options for decoration cover


Verona Lift Up System G123

Model: G123
Finish: Nickel plating
Cabinet Height: 250-500mm
Material: Iron+Plastic
Capacity: 3.5-4.8kg
Cabinet Width: <900mm
Panel Thickness: 16/19/22/26/28mm
3D adjustment for Panel: ‡2mm for up and down side, front and back side,
left and right side
Suitable for upturning wooden door and aluminum-frame door


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Weight2 kg